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Instead of spending a full weekend hacking, see what you can get done in one hour. Submit topic suggestions ahead of time.

Topic will be announced at the door, so everybody has an equal footing. Pencils down after intense hacking session -- winners selected based on creativity, progress within an hour, and overall solution.

FAQs in a Hurry

What is hacks in a hurry?
We are a team of MIT students trying to "hack" the concept of hackathons to correct some of the problems. In particular, we dislike: (1) the requirement of spending an entire weekend and (2) people who try to pass off years of research as a weekend worth of work. We're pioneering the concept of ultra-fast hackathons to see if this improves on the concept.

What can you get done in an hour?
If you're a lawyer, you can earn hundreds of dollars! If you're a hacker, you can also accomplish a lot. We built this website in an hour to prove the concept. We'll be sharing some additional projects that we've completed in just an hour or two as we approach the hack date to provide inspiration. We feel that what is important is not producing a perfect product, but ideation and validating a proof of concept before you go too far.

What if I need more time?
After an hour or two you should be able to formulate an idea and sharpen it enough to where you can share whatever you have. If your team gets a demo working then you are elite and we will probably feature you on our site for years to come. We will also be happy to see a PowerPoint presentation or just a short talk about how you would attack the concept. If you like your team and your direction, you might find you want to keep working on the project even after the hackathon officially ends.

Who is invited?
We would like to encourage anybody, regardless of technical expertise, to attend as long as you are interested in contributing to a team's success. Our inaugural hackathon will be hosted by Seattle Makers, to provide extra incentive for people who are gifted with mechanical or hardware capabilities to join. We will be working to select a topic that is also friendly for non-hardware skills, so people who are gifted in software, design, or entrepreneurship skills can also add value.

What is the topic?
We will be crowdsourcing topics on our website, and for people who follow us and register early we may even allow some possible topics to leak. However, the actual topic will not be disclosed until you arrive at the hackathon, so all parties have the benefit of starting from equal footing. Please submit one or many topics! We will be looking for topics that are broad enough to cater to a wide variety of skill sets (ie, utilizes the tools available at Seattle Maker). Bonus points if the topic has the effect of improving humanity or the world.

How can I win?
At the conclusion of hacking, ~2 hours, all teams will have the opportunity to briefly present their results. Judges will be scoring on the completeness, uniqueness, and effectiveness of the final solution. Winners will receive prizes to be announced at the event. Even if you don't win, we will be providing food and some access to many of the cool tools at the space.

What if I can't attend?
We plan to live stream this on our Twitch channel, so follow along and contribute online!