Hacks in a Hurry

Results from Hack I: 2/6/2020


The Rules: Using all the materials available at the Seattle Maker Space, build a board game based on the theme of voting. This could be interpreted as loosely or tightly as teams desired. Teams had exactly two hours, at which point they had to pitch judges who were evaluating based on three criteria:

  1. Quality Overall quality of the final project.
  2. Creativity How creative was the presented solution.
  3. Comprehensiveness Did the project make good use of the available resources.

Two teams ultimately submitted projects for review. The winning team was Agenda “The Game of Voting on Agendas… Public and Hidden!”. Their final project included detailed rules, along with 3-d printed tokens and wireframes of the accompanying app.

The second place team attempted to resolve the age-old "Silverback Gorilla" versus "Grizzly Bear" dilemma through the point of view of a neutral third party Penguin arbiter. The rules were a variant of the popular "Squares" game but played out on an electoral map of the United States, to adhere to the voting theme. The team built a special die which would display random numbers on each face to determine the number of lines the player could add each turn. The blueprint for the map was generated and partially laser cut into a demo of the game board.

The winning team will receive a 3-D printed customized trophy. All teams enjoyed food, a massive boost in their skill set, healthy competition, and good friends. Join us for our next Hacks in a Hurry scheduled for March.